Composite roofing is made up of asphalt and fiberglass with colored ceramic granules. The addition of fiberglass allows for stronger durability and a longer life span. The thicker shingle gives more definition and displays better on the roof.

These composite roof shingles are durable in all types of weather and most manufacturers provide a 30+ year warranty on the products. In some cases, the warranty can even be longer than 30+ years. The Shingles can come in a variety of weights, thickness, styles and colors. (See our Supplier Page for more information.)

We do install all manufacturers of composite roof products on any style of roof and any slope of frame.

We also recommend specific manufacturers due to their great quality and lower costs. These manufacturers have every composite style, color and thickness, which means we will have the perfect roof for your home. With our professional installers, you will receive a 15 year worry free workmanship warranty. Specialty Roofing will also gladly help you choose the best product for your home. Just call and schedule a free consultation and we will bring samples and ideas that are customized to your home.

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