Below are some testimonials and pictures from some of our clients after we finished installing their new roof. They were not asked to write us, but we are very proud and grateful that they did.

Lake Balboa, CA
Dear Specialty Roofing,

I just want to say thank you for doing a great job on our roof. We had a wood shake roof that needed to be replaced. Los Angeles code no longer allows wood shake roofs. Our house looked so perfect with the wood shake that we hesitated to replace it with anything else.

We discovered a synthetic shingle made of concrete-like material that so resembled wood shake that you couldn’t tell the difference. The only problem was…the price was prohibitive.I received several bids, and I must say, I liked you and Specialty Roofing from the start. So when you came in with a good price I gave you the contract.

I want to tell you how pleased I was with your crew. They showed up exactly on time and got right to work removing our old roof. They were very professional, and it was a pleasure to have them on our property…

The house looks great and you have my permission to use my name and address for any references with future potential clients.


Howard Suer



Glendale, CA

Specialized Roofing is the company I selected, based on price, but more importantly, my decision was based on the professional approach that was taken by Oliver Freeman.

There were two other people wo came by to give me a quote. One of the guys came by and gave me a quote, but never went up on the roof to see what the job really was. The other company came by with new ladders on the truck, went up on the roof and then when he came down he asked me what I thought was needed to make the roof drain properly…then he came back with a $7,000 bid…the other guy without a ladder was even higher.

Specialty Roofing had a solution and had a price that matched what he knew was needed to fix my problem…So if you have a record of the people you made reference to on this job…you should strike everyone other than Specialty Roofing.



Woodland Hills, CA

Dear Specialty Roofing,

This is to thank you and helpers for the wonderful work you did in repairing my roof. The gift of labor and materials was more than I could have dreamed of. Last night, I slept really well because I knew the cement floor would not be wet and cold…I’ll never be able to thank you enough, but I bless you for your kindness with sincere appreciation.



Van Nuys, CA

To: Specialty Roofing

I want to thank you for a job well done. Once started, the men worked until the job was done. The job was clean and done professionally.

Thanks Again!



Other Client Pictures

Hollywood Hills, CA

Woodland Hills, CA

Reseda, CA

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