Santa Monica, CA

With a pleasant climate and a number of impressive landmarks, Santa Monica, CA is known around the globe as an ideal destination for sightseeing tourists and prospective homeowners alike. The local landscape is routinely featured in a wide range of TV shows. It’s no wonder, then, why there are so many lovely houses in and around Santa Monica. However, any house needs to be carefully maintained if it is to preserve its beauty and avoid serious systemic damage. For professional roof maintenance, inspection, and repairs in Santa Monica, contact Specialty Roofing.

A family-owned roofing company, we have worked on many Santa Monica homes over the years. Based in Woodland Hills, we perform a wide range of roof contractor services, from patching up leaks to installing a new roof, on houses in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles region. We’re more than just experts in roofing repairs; we provide our clients with top-notch customer service at every stage. We always listen to your concerns and questions about our roofing service.

Our team of roofers can install just about any type or roofing material, including concrete tile, synthetic slate, composite, and clay tile, on your Santa Monica home. Furthermore, we carry out roof inspections and repairs to ensure that minor roofing problems are properly dealt with before they get out of hand and require an extensive overhaul. See for yourself why we’re the number one roof repair company servicing Santa Monica. Call us today!

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